By Editor  February 10, 2022

February 10, 2022- Colombia Pavilion brings forward its creative and innovative culture by displaying a transmedia project called Infinitos ∞ on February 15 ,2022 at the Dubai Exhibition Center, at Expo 2020.

Visitors at the Expo 2020 Dubai get an opportunity to listen to over 300 diverse thoughts and reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic narrated with the use of art, technology, dance, and music.

Infinitos integrates various disciplines and aims to tell people’s real-life experience and their reflections on the pandemic. The collaborative work presents these stories with four categories- revelations, nostalgias, detachments, and omens.

Infinitos ∞ is a collective project of “La Quinta del Lobo” commissioned by the Teatro Colón in Bogotá, Colombia. It was led by Carmen Gil Vrolijk, media artist and professor at the University of the Andes; Camilo Giraldo, musician, and composer; Juan Carlos Echeverry, tenor and pianist, Juanita Delgado voice and interpretation, Francisco Rincón, dancer and choreographer, and Sebastián Gonzalez Dixon, electronic artist, integrating various disciplines with art and technology.

First launched in 2020, the collaborative work invited the public to be co-creators by submitting stories, both reality, and fiction, through a dedicated website. The second phase, released in 2021, was composed of five films based on the writings collected from the website and were translated into image, music, dance, and action. These collected stories and narratives were brought to life with an immersive performance installation at the Teatro Colon in Bogota on March 2021

This rich blend of fiction and reality presented through sounds, dance, art, and multimedia awaits Expo 2020 visitors.

“Infinitos”, performance con el que Colombia es vigente en Expo Dubái